Alluring Opel Allegra of 2013

2013 Opel Allegra Alluring Opel Allegra of 2013

2013 Opel Allegra is most ravishing in new car releases. This car is bound to target the other outstanding cars of era; Fiat 500, MINI Cooper as well as Citroen DS3. Recent reports have revealed that this car will truly be not only a fun but also an elite runabout for the user. It is popularly known by internal resources as Junior. This car though expected to be beneath Corsa but it is even not determined to replicate Agila, redesigned as an innovative model of 2014 which is highly regarded as a low cost competitor to Ford Ka and Volkswagen UP! or Lupo.

While the prime reports have clearly indicated that Allegra will resemble the enigmatic concept of Trixx. Even other unbeatable source of auto news namely AutoExpress have denoted that this car will be looking replica of Astra GTC but in its baby form. It will integrate front fascia which will be dramatic, a roof that will be contrasting in addition to headlights that are perfectly infused with LED. Inside this car, elite users can expect the most spacious cabin which is quite stylish sported with materials of highest quality that are undoubtedly complete in its class with other unbeatable cars in the B-segment of auto market.

Engine options though sound to be mixed with a little mystery but the incorporated 1.0 liter petrol will offer users a combined consumption of fuel that will be around 3.5 liters per every 100 km or in other words it is applicable to 80 mpg UK per 67 mpg US. It is quite heartening to note that the CO2 emission of this car is truly amazing. It is unbelievably lower than 100g per every kilometre thus making it an optimally environment friendly car. This car is grandly slated to be launched at the end of 2012 with base price of approximately £11,000.

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