Amari Design creates super charged Bentley Continental GT

Amari Design Bentley GT 2 Amari Design creates super charged Bentley Continental GT

Amari Design is the UK based car upgradation and tuning centre which has already owned appreciation from different quarters of domestic and international markets as it designs and tunes old car models using sophisticated tools and car upgradation kit. Amari Design will put emphasis on interior renovation of car compartment of Bentley Continental GT edition. The car will be equipped with foldable car seats with reclining system, floor mats, leather accessories to design car seats, and other interior car décor accessories.

Amari Design will revise both technical aspects and design of the car by inserting powerful engine with cylinder in perfect order along with automatic transmission tools to shift power/torque from powertrain to rear wheels of the vehicle. The new car upgradation kit will contain a well fitted air spoiler, wheel fenders, struts, shock absorption systems, carbon diffuser, bonnet, side skirts, bumpers, and lighting fixtures plus an exhaust system. The car will have trapezoidal front grills with two horizontal bars lying parallel. Odometer inside the car will help car drivers to calculate distance covered by their vehicles. Street navigation systems are also available in this car. Adjustable inset glass reflector casings, steering wheels, tire pressure measurement tools, speedometer and sound reduction systems have made the car more dynamic. White coloured car looks good and drivers can drive these light weight vehicles with much pleasure.

In an interview, the company’s CEO has revealed that Amari Design will upgrade this Bentley Continental GT edition utilizing up-to-date tools and car accessories. The slopping roofline along with windscreens, headlamps, light indicators and well adjusted bonnet of the car will be added features as this international car designer will make this vehicle more presentable, workable and easy to care ultra-modern four-wheeler carriage. Durable car wheelbases will be wrapped with tire bands which provide excellent traction to prevent skidding. There are also properly fixed air outlets to cool the engine, clam-shaft and cylinders inside the car.

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