AMR-ONE LMP1- The Perfect Machine from Aston Martin

AMR ONE LMP1 AMR ONE LMP1  The Perfect Machine from Aston Martin

AMR ONE LMP1 10 AMR ONE LMP1  The Perfect Machine from Aston Martin

AMR ONE LMP1 3 AMR ONE LMP1  The Perfect Machine from Aston Martin

AMR-ONE LMP1 is the workable racing vehicle which will run on the smooth racing track smoothly and efficiently. This racing car will have to rooftop and it will be equipped with a functional and workable 2.0 liter V6 turbo engine which is fed with petrol and the powertrain can pump out around 540 bhp. The carbon fiber made internal frame has reinforced the structure of the car. Aston Martin racing vehicle has been upgraded perfectly utilizing ultra-modern parts and tools. The attractive monocoque car design is excellent as car drivers will not feel any obstruction at the time of driving the racing car at any competition or expedition.

The direct fuel injection, automatic transmission, suspension damper, struts, adjustable wheelbases with tire bands, exhaust system and updated street monitoring and navigating accessories are some of the salient features of this Aston Martin racing car. AMR-ONE LMP1 car model has also been improved with 6-speed automatic transmission with suspension tool. This racing car is also loaded with Brembo caliper brakes plus magnesium made TWS wheelbases with the proper rimmed Michellin tire bands. The car has latest suspension damper and brakes to check friction and speed in more scientific way.

In an intimate conversation, CEO, Dr. Ulrich Bez told reporters that this concept racing car would have energy efficient engine which is capable of generating maximum torque and horsepower to let the car run smoothly and competently via racing course/rut. According to him, car engineer will apply latest technology to build up the car by accelerating its working efficiency and quality. Power coming from powerplant will be delivered to wheelbases via Xtrac semi automatic-transmission gearbox. Suspension damper or shock absorber will own up its responsibility to increase the stability of the car on the road when it runs at high speed. Car seats are foldable and retractable with leather straps for keeping the body in perfect position.

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