Aston Martin unveils the AMR-1 race car

AMR 1 race car 10 Aston Martin unveils the AMR 1 race car

AMR 1 race car 5 Aston Martin unveils the AMR 1 race car

AMR 1 race car Aston Martin unveils the AMR 1 race car

With this year’s Le Mans Cup just round the corner Aston Martin has unveiled it brand new LMP1 race car known as the AMR-One. This car redefines power and actually has a turbo charged and also an inline 6 gas engine that is a direct inject which is placed in the monocoque made of carbon fibre in the open top chassis. The Aston actually has a very small 2.0 litre mill and this was actually designed to meet the regulation standards and be more efficient.

The AMR –Ones will total six in number and one of these 6 cars will actually participate in the 2011 Intercontinental LeMans Series which also has the 24 hrs LeMans. This year they have actually changed the it’s design to a open top car and has also resized the engine and it now flaunts a much smaller one. It also flaunts its feature blade fins. The Xtrac gearbox delivers power to the rear wheels which also has a shift through which the power is generated in this 6 speed gear box right to the wheels.

This car is very much agile and with all the new features and development its sure to come out as a strong competitor. This car brings in a right balance of gasoline and diesel and the designers have worked day in and day out to actually come out with such a technology and design. It is a car that lives up to its brand name and also learns from its past experiences and works on it and actually ushers a new dimension to the car that actually has an aura of past glory and a confidence of future ones. This car looks glorious and is sure to give cut throat competition to one and all in the race tracks.

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