Audi R18 with More Revised Features

2011 audi r18 3 Audi R18 with More Revised Features

2011 audi r18 5 Audi R18 with More Revised Features

Audi has started its car up gradation and tuning program for improving the features of Audi R18 car model which will be more environment-friendly, durable, spacious, and easy to operate. Engineers and experts of Audi have tested R18 car model a number of times before release. Experts have done a lot of research and experiments on chassis frames 101 and 102 comparing to R15 which is now old version.

According to official spokespersons, the aerodynamic structures of these R18 models are beautiful and superb in colour contrast. After extensive experiment, competent engineers have upgraded different tools and accessories of R18 models applying sophisticated technology. Cars are spacious and dynamic in shape. The inner decoration of the car is really attractive and marvellous. Latest fuel consumption regulating tools have been used by experts to enhance the car up gradation. Audi R18 edition is more energy-efficient and low fuel consumption rate. There are other essential tools and equipments which have been installed into this new car model for better performance. Experts have planted energy efficient power train, suspension tool, automatic transmission, exhaust system, and carbon diffuser. Suspension dampers are user-friendly to check friction and suck shock coming from running car wheels. Fenders and metal struts are also available in this new car.

Finally, the R18 car will be sent to LeMans race, but before shifting this vehicle, experts will overhaul Ingolstadt condition of the car. This highly fashionable car will be durable, light in weight, and environment-friendly. According to experts, inside the car cabin, there are sophisticated car seats with fashionable leather upholsters and interior d├ęcor items. In the cockpit of the car, there are upgraded odometer, speedometer, and navigation systems for assisting car drivers to monitor streets with much care during night. This new car can generate sufficient torque for charging car wheels. Automatic transmission tools, suspension devices, and drive train have been placed in order, and these tools have been upgraded properly to prevent technical hazard.

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