BAC MONO Vehicle- Easy to Operate

BAC MONO 17 BAC MONO Vehicle  Easy to Operate

BAC MONO 15 BAC MONO Vehicle  Easy to Operate

BAC MONO 20 BAC MONO Vehicle  Easy to Operate

BAC MONO car has been designed for those who prefer trouble free journey by cars. BAC has been pioneered by Neill and Ian whose joint effort has made it reality in the case of upgradation of BAC MONO car which is equipped with sophisticated tools and equipments.

BAC MONO or Monoposto car is designed with a single cockpit with an adjustable seat. This car seat can be retracted at one’s convenience. There is enough space inside the vehicle. Comparing to previous car models, this Monoposto car with a single seat option performs excellently. The car has a number of features like energy efficient 2.3 liter capacitated engine which pumps out 280 bhp. Cosworth powertrain is competent, eco-friendly and easy to handle. The suspension systems are really in good condition. The internal chassis along with outer hull of the car cabin are durable and flexible. This car is light in weigh and small in size However, in terms of durability, speed, carbon emission rate and to top it all performance level, this Monoposto vehicle can outperform other cars.

There are other excellent features like a 6-speed automatic gearbox of Hewland brand. Car wheels are wrapped with tire bands which provide excellent traction and skid resistant tire bands check slippery of the car. Sophisticate suspension dampers or shock absorber is set close to car wheels to minimize the overflow of excessive friction and shock coming out of running wheels due to rubbing with roads. Powertrain provides torque which reaches car wheels via automatic transmission tool. Doors of the car are adjustable, lockable, and easy to operate. Inside the car there are properly adjusted street navigation accessories plus steering wheel, tire pressure measurement tools, and glass windscreen. The car is light weighted and car drivers can operate cars with comfort. GEMS Company has supplied electronic tools for bringing perfection to this car design. Kumho tire bands perform well and these durable tires ensure smooth car running.

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