Bulli EV Microbus Concept Study

VW Bulli Microvan 15 Bulli EV Microbus Concept Study

VW Bulli Microvan 16 Bulli EV Microbus Concept Study

VW Bulli Microvan 10 Bulli EV Microbus Concept Study

Volkswagen has published few colourful snapshots of newly designed futuristic Bulli minivan which is packed with excellent features. This microbus will be six seaters and there will be sufficient space inside the compartment of the microbus for safe storage of luggage and wares. This microbus will be 1.70 meters in height, 1.75 meters in width inclusive of 3.99 meters in length. The compartment of minivan is divided by two small cabins which are equipped with 3+3 seats in front and backward sections of car compartment.

Bulli microbus is decorated with foldable and detachable iPad with touch-screen display units for watching movies and listening to music. There is also excellent Bluetooth application tool. Portable phone base with internet surfing option is a part of this sophisticated minivan. The six car seats are adjustable, foldable and retractable. The electric powered motor is activated by a lithium ion battery which needs to be recharged regularly. The powertrain generates 270 Newton Meter torque for delivering power to rear wheels. The electric propelled minivan also covers 100km/h within 11.5 seconds at the topmost speed of 140 km/h.

The highly efficient suspension damper checks road friction. The automatic transmission of the car is competent in the supply of the torque to rear wheels. Carbon diffuser is also capable of minimizing carbon emission process.

Four wheelbases of Bulli microbus are well covered with tire bands for accelerating gripping power. This electric powered vehicle doesn’t backfire volume of black fume in the air. Nor is it capable of disturbing outdoor surrounding by producing harsh sound. The excellent color contrast of the car is a salient feature. Both exterior and interior portions of the car are highly decorated. Ergonomic steering wheel with leatherwork will help car drivers to drive his vehicle with pleasure. Bulli minivan can be converted into camper bus/van by interchanging retractable seats which are designed with recliners. This vehicle is suitable to any short and long car trip.

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