BYD F3DM- Electric Powered Hybrid Car

2009 BYD F3DM 4 BYD F3DM  Electric Powered Hybrid Car

2009 BYD F3DM 1 BYD F3DM  Electric Powered Hybrid Car

BYD Auto has recently declared in public that this company will gift people a wide range of energy efficient hybrid cars which are eco-friendly and more competent; outperforming other vehicles. This hybrid car is the outcome of the introduction of the green technology to the automobile industry to ensure the creation of a greener world, in the long run.

BYD F3DM car will be electric powered and that’s why there is no necessity to inject fuels into engine of the car for powering up. The electric propelled car determines zero emission assurance along with excellent speed. The car has solid chassis and easy to care interior tools and car accessories. This newly built electric charged car supplies power via a pack of batteries which can be recharged. The lifespan of lithium battery will be long if proper maintenance is practised. This concept car will not produce harsh sound and it never releases thick layers of black fume and smoke. Interior portion of the car is marvellously decorated with comfortable car seats plus leather accessories. There are other tools of the car as well like an energy efficient odometer, well built power trains, motor, automatic transmission tool, noise reduction mode and exhaust system. The suspension tool comes handy to navigate the rough street condition along with movement of wheels.

According to CEO of the BYD F3DM manufacturing unit, this electric powered hybrid vehicle with dual mode option has new features like excellently decorated iron made spikes. The car will not emit carbon in huge volume. The plug-in hybrid car will also be made more presentable by decorating the interior portion of this electric powered vehicle using innovative technology. The electric propelled power train can produce 168 hp and 295 Ib-ft Torque. At general conference, the CEO of the company has divulged his views about multi-functionalities of this hybrid car. New car models of BYD F3DM line up will soon be introduced to auto enthusiast. It is sure to satisfy the expectations of the eager car lovers.

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