De Tomaso SLS Car, Eco-Friendly and Affordable

De Tomaso SLS Car De Tomaso SLS Car, Eco Friendly and Affordable

De Tomaso SLS Car 1 De Tomaso SLS Car, Eco Friendly and Affordable

Italian auto maker under title of De Tomaso will participate into the car show which is supposed to be held in Geneva on March. This Italian car manufacturing unit has a compact marketing strategy to release the SLS car soon. Earlier, Sports Luxurious Car or SLC was popular in Italy. However this time, De Tomaso has changed SLC into SLS (Sport Luxurious Sedan) vehicle.

New cars are built with long lasting chassis which can protect car from the roughness of weather. Car designers have used Univis technology to increase the durability of the car. In a press release, the CEO of this car manufacturing company has stated that right now the firm is putting stress on the production of affordable sports luxurious sedan or SLS cars for general people. However, SLS car models will be paragon of technical excellence and great styling structures.

New De Tomaso SLS or SLC (Old Version) cars will be designed inserting powerful and easy to maintain V8 engine which is able to generate 550 horsepower. At the same time, the car is also available with the V6 engine which releases 300 horsepower. The power train of the car is a good performer as team of experts have done extensive research to increase the competency of this power train for better performance of the vehicle.

While explaining different features of this concept car, the CEO of the company has stated that the firm will soon introduce absolutely sophisticated coupe and limousine car models. These coupe models will be manufactured following the SLS car designs. This SLS car will have ultra-modern interior equipments like powerful odometer, street navigation tools, speedometer, easy to handle steering wheel, glass reflector casings and dashboard with scratch resistant texture. The automatic transmission tool will ensure good supply of power to rear wheels. The tire pressure measurement accessory helps car drivers to know clearly about the tire condition. This SLS car will emit less carbon in the form of fume and smoke.

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