De-Tomaso-SLS Cars with Excellent Designs

De Tomaso SLC 6 De Tomaso SLS Cars with Excellent Designs

De Tomaso SLC 11 De Tomaso SLS Cars with Excellent Designs

De Tomaso, the Italian automaker has published an official statement in which it has been stated that the company will launch new sports luxury sedan car or SLS vehicles for capturing international market. Alejandro de Tomaso established this unique car manufacturing unit in the year of 1959. De Tomaso has produced a number of different types of light weighted sports sedan cars in past. However, this time the company has done extensive market survey to understand the demands of the modern auto drivers. Therefore, this Italian automaker has now taken right decision to release SLS cars at different price ranges depending on car models.

SLS cars will be on sale in 2011 and these luxurious sedan cars will be upgraded with two powertrains with eight and six competent cylinders in order. Every cylinder will be tested before installation inside the car. V8 powertrain can generate 550 horsepower and V6 engine produces 300 hp with all (four) wheel drive system. For the time being, 3000 sports luxurious sedan cars will be released into the market. Later another package of 2000 newly built light weighed sedan cars will be bought into market. All cars will be manufactured at De Tomaso Automobili auto manufacturing unit.

Inside the car compartment, there will be the availability of retractable and expandable car seats, floor carpet, sun visors, glass reflectors, window screens and long lasting dashboard. These sedan cars are equipped with doors with sophisticated locking accessories. This De-Tomaso-SLS sports car is designed with automatic transmission, carbon diffuser, exhaust system and tire pressure measurement accessories. This car is rebuilt with durable wheelbases which will be further adjusted to axle bars in more organized way. The car has ultra-modern street navigation accessories which can be operated to drive the car with pleasure. Lighting fixtures are well adjusted to car frame. The chassis, bonnet and hood of the car will be perfectly attached to the main frame of the car for protecting internal parts of this futuristic car.

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