Fabia Scout of Skoda, coming to India in end 2011

Skoda Fabia Scout 2011 5 Fabia Scout of Skoda, coming to India in end 2011

Skoda Fabia Scout 2011 6 Fabia Scout of Skoda, coming to India in end 2011

Fabia Scout will be launched soon in Indian market to expand business in the automobile industry. Fabia car models will be attractive and more spacious than Octovia. However, this theme car will be light in weight as team of experts has ensured that they will use ultra-light materials to lessen weight of the car. Fabia Scout edition is eco-friendly and fuel efficient. In comparison to old Fabia car models, this new futuristic vehicle will provide more space to car passengers for putting or resting luggage on the floor of the car cabin.

This Audi new edition will be 4247mm L x 1642W mmx1498mmH. Fabia Scout will have durable chassis, long lasting front and rear doors with sophisticated interlocking accessories. The futuristic car will be decorated with strong and well fitted bonnet and hood to keep internal parts in safe. Fabia Scout car will be designed with flexible and easy to operate car accessories such as durable and retractable car seats with excellent leatherwork. Adjustable cushions are decorated with leather envelops which are filled up with high quality foam to make seats more comfortable. Fabia cars are also workable during seasons as special care has been taken to safeguard the car from rain water and mud by installing front and rear tire fenders, better windscreens and adjustable front glass shield. Four wheel bases are rimmed with tire bands and well fitted axle bars to bring perfection to wheel rotation.

In addition, highly sophisticated automatic transmission tool box to ensure smooth power delivery to rear wheels inclusive of easy to care suspension dampers and street navigation technology to let the car run on its rut smoothly without technical disorder. This car will be spacious providing room inside the cabin for safekeeping of personal belongings. The durability of the hood of Skoda Scout will be remarkable. This Fabia new version will be brought to market soon.

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