Fiat Freemont Seven Seat Dodge Based Crossover

Fiat Freemont CR Fiat Freemont Seven Seat Dodge Based Crossover

Fiat Freemont CR 2 Fiat Freemont Seven Seat Dodge Based Crossover

Sergio is a wise man and good decision maker as he has taken initiatives to release new car model in partnership with Chrysler Group. Two big brothers in automobile industry have designed futuristic Fiat Freemont futuristic car utilizing sophisticated technology. At Geneva car show, Freemont will be shown for enticing common people for watching demonstration. The car will be more spacious with durable alloy wheelbases, excellent leatherwork inside the compartment of the car.

The fact is that a team of experts have finalized a long term deal with Chrysler Group for reshaping and tuning the concept car in fantastic way. Comparing to previous Dodge Journey car design, the newly built vehicle will have excellent traits and features in this regard. The concept vehicle will have new facelift along with fully upgraded and reshaped grill for enhancing the beauty of the futuristic vehicle.

The technical modification will take place to a great extent. In an official statement, experts have claimed that instead of installing 140 horsepower turbo charged diesel fed power train which is available in V W of Dodge Journey edition in past, the company prefers the installation of new energy efficient 2.0 Multi jet power train which will have capacity to generate 140 horsepower and 170 hp in series. However later experts will increase the efficiency of power train by inserting 2.0 litre capacitated engine with 170 horsepower output capability and Chrysler’s 3.6 litre efficient engine at the rate of 276 horsepower. There will be pair of gasoline fed and diesel fuelled engines with different torque supply options. However, at the same time, the car will have sophisticated automatic transmission and suspension tools for checking friction, monitoring wheel movement and deliver power to wheels of the car.

The inner portion of the Fiat Freemont edition will be on show in the premiere auto show being organized in Geneva. Car seats are high in quality with excellent easy to car ergonomic steering wheel, leather upholsteries and other street navigation systems. The brakes and accelerators of the car are in superb condition. The internal chassis of the vehicle is durable with long lasting features. Tire pressure measuring tool will also be in the four-wheeler to facilitate car drivers to know about car tire condition.

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