Ford Released Snapshots of Revised XB Coupe Interceptor Car

Ford Concept Int 3 Ford Released Snapshots of Revised XB Coupe Interceptor Car

Mad Max movie is the source of inspiration for the production of a new futuristic car in imitation of Ford Falcon XB GT351 with black coloured compartment. Mel Gibson was detected driving his superb Ford Falcon XB GT351 car in this movie. Now, this time, Ford in collaboration with Top Gear car magazine based in Australia has provided a number of colourful snapshots of the futuristic XB Coupe Interceptor. This is the revised XB Coupe Interceptor of the old model.

The aerodynamic design of the upgraded version of XB Coupe Interceptor is attractive. In this connection, the contribution of Nima Nourian and Simon Brook, car designers can’t be ignored. Their innovative ideas and conception have generated a new theme car which will soothe eyes of viewers. According to experts, comparing to the original XB Coupe Interceptor, this car will be more presentable removing some parts which were inserted into that fictitious model. This car will have properly designed car seats which can be stretched and retracted at any point of time. In the cockpit of the car driver, an ergonomically designed steering wheel will be planted to help drivers for ensuring better car driving. The energy efficient odometer will help car drivers to measure the distance covered by the car. In this regard, Simon Brook commented in optimistic way.

Simon Brook told reporters that special focus would be put on the wheelbase designs. Wheels will have beautiful spokes and these will be wrapped with thick tire bands. Suspension dampers will check the road friction. Energy efficient powertrain will have capability to generate adequate torque to recharge car wheels. This car will be environment-friendly, resilient and much more functional outperforming other street hawks. This car will be light in weight. Carbon diffuser and suspension tool box will be placed inside the car cabin to increase the working efficiency of the vehicle. It will run at high speed without contaminating environment. The superb colour contrast and attractive car design will certainly boost up car lovers to buy this upgraded XB Coupe Interceptor car.

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