G Power BMW X6M Typhoon S – An Exciting Car

G Power BMW X6M Typhoon s 4 G Power BMW X6M Typhoon S – An Exciting Car

G Power BMW X6M Typhoon s 6 G Power BMW X6M Typhoon S – An Exciting Car

G Power has made an extensive car up gradation program for modifying different parts of this BMW X6M car in different way. The reliable source has confirmed the conversion of Typhoon into Typhoon S car tuning program is really effective to accelerate speed, performance, structural aesthete and overall functionality of internal tools. G Power BMW X6M Typhoon S will have an energy efficient 4.4 litre capacitated V8 engine which has been placed under the bonnet of the car. This 4.4 litre efficient powerplant generates 725 horsepower at the rate of 6000 rpm along with 890 Newton Meter torque from 1500 rpm. That means after the car upgradation, the vehicle will spring fast by covering 100 km/h within 4.2 seconds. The top most speed of the car is 300 km/h.

There are other technical specifications which cover skirts at the front facelift with several air outlets or ventilators for cooling the atmosphere under the bonnet of the car. G Power BMW X6M Typhoon S car tuning package is available for € 6,990.00. BMW X6M car is designed with aerodynamic structure with side doors, alloy car wheelbases with wrap up of tire bands for accelerating marvellous traction. Car will run smoothly without any obstruction. Inner portion of the car compartment is also filled with car seats which can be retracted and adjusted. Window screens, odometer, automatic suspension accessory and dampers will also be installed to increase competence of the car.

This G Power BMW X6M car tuning package has used titanium for car decoration. Stainless steel has also been utilized to construct exhaust system which minimizes air pressure. Car will be light in weight and it will have better street monitoring tools. Finally, BMW X6M car is also environment-friendly as it doesn’t release black fumes containing chemical impurities. The adjustable glass reflectors, windscreens and clutches are different those car accessories generally used in various saloon cars. 23 inch alloy wheelbases are also functional and long lasting.

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