Golf Blue E-Motion- Eco-Friendly and Competent

2014 volkswagen golf blue e motion 3 Golf Blue E Motion  Eco Friendly and Competent

2014 volkswagen golf blue e motion 5 Golf Blue E Motion  Eco Friendly and Competent

2014 volkswagen golf blue e motion Golf Blue E Motion  Eco Friendly and Competent

Golf Blue E-motion brings speed to life. However this concept car is under trial and experiments, experts of VW automaker are over confident of the positive impact of this upcoming ultra-modern lightweight electric powered vehicle. This E-motion car will be eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

In an interview, one of the official spokespersons of Volkswagen has claimed that by the end of 2014, this electric powered vehicle will be found in both domestic and international markets. These cars will have durable chassis, solid hardware with aerodynamic structure. Inside the compartment of this battery charged vehicle, there must be a number of easy to maintain car décor items like retractable seats which are highly decorated with leather accessories. Seam line of the detachable car seat will be sewn perfectly to resist crack and fissure. This sophisticated battery powered car won’t emit fumes and black ashes. Nor will it have any tendency to run spreading lethal carbon in the air. The lithium ion battery will be inserted into the vehicle for supplying power and torque to the rear wheels via automatic transmission tool. This electric powered vehicle is packed with electronic street monitoring tools which perform in more organized way to provide authentic information and forecast regarding road condition, presence of moisture, fog and other elements in the air. Weather checking accessories will be multi-functional and durable as well.

To highlight technical specifications of this E-motion electric powered vehicle, experts have pointed out powertrain, carbon diffuser, suspension dampers, exhaust pipe, and energy-efficient automatic torque transmission device with proper metallic insulation. Electric powered motor generates maximum torque to activate front car wheels. The maximum torque is approximately 270 Newton Meter. The sprinting motion of this electric powered vehicle ranges from 0-100km/hr within 11.8 seconds. This car can cover 150km on a single shot of battery recharge. Golf Blue E-motion lightweight car looks beautiful as experts will apply glossy hues to paint the outer hull of this eco-friendly vehicle. This car will run at the speed of 135 km / h.

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