Gumpert Tornante, The Super car is going to debut in 2012

Gumpert Tornante 7 Gumpert Tornante, The Super car is going to debut in 2012

Gumpert Tornante 12 Gumpert Tornante, The Super car is going to debut in 2012

The Apollo hyper-car manufacturer which is a German car along with an Italian coachbuilder of Touring Superleggera created the new Tornante. The Tornante which is a GT style adaptation of Apollo will be up for sale this year.

The more luxurious Tornate has the body engineered by the Touring Superleggera who also is also responsible for Bentley Continental’s Flying Star shooting brake. The highly stylised rear viewing mirrors, the racing style cabin and gull wing entry are still present although the front and back of the vehicle has undergone a few changes; making it look more pleasant. The divided rear window is one of the main attractions of the new vehicle. The noise levels have been reduced, the luggage and passenger space increased and ventilation improved. The refined design by the Touring Superleggera has made the new car more accessible and comfortable.

The engineers of Gumpert have reworked to make 4.2liter V8 bi turbo engine which produces 700 ponies. The six speed gear box which is automatic can change gears very quickly and takes as little time as 40nmiliseconds. At 4,000rpm a hefty 900Nm torque is produced. The vehicle is able to reach a high speed of 300km/hr or a 186mph as is claimed by Gumpert.

Boot lid and the other doors all have gull wings along with the carbon body and a 100 litre stainless steel fuel tank at the back, behind passenger cell. Totally adjustable dampers both at the back and front make it a user friendly car. The car measures 1,215 mm in height with 4,475 mm length and 1,971 mm in width. There is also a 3 way catalytic converter with a double flow exhaust system.

An electronic ignition with an electronic accelerator system, the car also has 2 intercoolers. The chrome molybdenum steel chassis with a mid engine arrangement, this 2-seater sports car is much awaited in the market.

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