Hartge Releases New Car Tuning Tools for BMW Roadster Z4

Hartge BMW Roadster Z4 22 Hartge Releases New Car Tuning Tools for BMW Roadster Z4

Hartge BMW Roadster Z42 Hartge Releases New Car Tuning Tools for BMW Roadster Z4

Hartge car designing and upgradation unit has offered a sophisticated car kit for adding that zing to the new BMW Z4 edition. This car tuning and upgradation kit is very user-friendly to car drivers as they can upgrade their vehicles in more organized way. This open top roadster is covered with a new apron at the front facelift. The exterior frame of the car is smooth, scratch resistant with magnificent colour contrast.

The internal chips of the vehicle are kept in safe as a strong and durable hood is placed to protect and hide air inlets, power train, suspension tools, clam shaft and cylinders with much perfection. High quality carbon fibre trims are used to decorate the interior portion of the car. A set of long lasting air spoiler is placed /installed to ensure better airflow. There is slight change in the car design as experts have used their latest technology to bring sharpness to the facelift and interior section of car compartment. Alloy wheels are available in the range of 18-20 inches. A suspension tool box has been installed inside the car to keep track of wheel movement. The road friction is controlled via a set of suspension damper/wheel strut which performs excellently to let the car run speedily but steadily as it checks or absorbs shock coming out of road friction.

Besides, in this new car upgradation kit, one will get a pair of aluminium alloyed pedals inclusive of clusters plus floor carpets and round area rugs which will increases the overall interior aesthete of the car. However experts are still doing extensive research to launch a newly built Z4 power train which will have immense capacity to produce maximum torque and power to activate rear wheelbases. A new set of automatic transmission will also be installed in the car for adding perfection to the constant flow of torque from power plant to the front and rear wheels.

–Kreation Guru


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