Holden Cruze Car Design- More Attractive and Updated

Holden Cruze Car 18 Holden Cruze Car Design  More Attractive and Updated

Holden Cruze Car 13 Holden Cruze Car Design  More Attractive and Updated

Holden Cruz car design has been borrowed from South Korean car manufacturing unit. This Korean vehicle has been imported by Aussie auto maker for sale. Now this car will be manufactured in Elizabeth, Australia. Cruze vehicle will be light weight and designed with an energy efficient power train, durable chassis and other car accessories.

The quadrilateral grille at the front looks artistic and the marvellous colour contrast is another advantage in this regard. Holden Cruze sedan car is sophisticated and upgraded with easy-to-maintain car accessories and other equipments. The front and rear bumpers, newly decorated headlamp and various types of attractive rings and delicate curves outside and inside the car compartment have increased the overall structural aesthetics. Holden Cruze car model is also equipped with double fuel engine. There is a 2.0 litre capacity turbo diesel fed engine along with the option of 1.4 litre capacity gasoline fuelled power train. However, on behalf of the management group of the firm, it has been stated that old 1.8 litre capacity ECOTEC petrol fuelled engine has been modified and upgraded by enhancing few modifications like usage of 6 speed auto transmission, delivering 7.4 lt/100 km in mileage or fuel efficiency.

Holden Cruze is spacious with sleek car shape. The car is also loaded with suspension damper which really works much better in absorbing the shock or friction from the road. Besides suspension damper, there are also durable wheelbases with tire bands, adjustable axle bars, steering wheels with leather coverage, enlarged car cushions, dashboard, sun visors, glass mirror casings, carpets covering the floor of the car, odometer, speedometer, street navigation accessory, functional carbon diffuser and easy to operate brakes and suspension tools are available in this sophisticated car. The exterior and interior d├ęcor items of the car are well adjusted with excellent guarantee option as the automaker has put much effort to upgrade the car using quality materials. The car runs smoothly without releasing black smoke and harsh sound.

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