Holden Unveils the stunning Cruze Hatchback

Holden Cruze Hatch Holden Unveils the stunning Cruze Hatchback

Holden Cruze Hatch 1 Holden Unveils the stunning Cruze Hatchback

Tony Stolfo has gained mastery over car designing. He has sketched and painted a number of concept cars to date. That’s why, this genius Holden car designer should be remembered for his excellence performance. Holden will bring back new Cruze 5-door hatchback car. Cruze hatchback vehicle was gifted to Geneva auto show dating back to 2010. Now Holden car designer has decide to use conventional 5-door hatchback along with Cruze car design. There will be combined effect in designing and tuning this new car.

Few weeks back, Holden car design studio has published several colourful snapshots of new concept cars which will be a combined form of conventional hatchback with Cruze car design. New futuristic cars will be sent to various national and international auto exhibitions in Geneva and other states in Europe. This Cruze version car will draw the attention of general persons to a great extent because of the displaying of lion logo which symbolizes dashing and aggressive design of this futuristic vehicle. Cruze Sedan Series II will be more dynamic with a number of car accessories in perfect order. There will be better eco-friendly suspension tools, automatic transmission, dampers, struts, car wheels with durable tires, and comfortable car seats.

The attractive exterior design of this Cruze model will be more attractive as experts have decided to use easy to care lightweight materials for car decoration. Properly adjusted glass windscreens, steering wheel with leather coverage, odometer, and exhaust tools along with other street navigation tools will be installed to accelerate the performance of new futuristic Cruze sedan car. According to Holden car designer, experts have paid special attention to manufacture more fuel efficient vehicles with hatchback features. Holden has already released a number of light weight cars with excellent operability features. This theme Cruze car will also be decorated with trapezoidal grills, air outlets, fog lamps, and easy to care clamshaft, drive train and gear box.

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