Honda Mugen CR-Z 2011 Car with Salient Features

2011 honda mugen cr z type r Honda Mugen CR Z 2011 Car with Salient Features

2011 honda mugen cr z type r 2 Honda Mugen CR Z 2011 Car with Salient Features

2011 Honda Mugen CR-Z car model will provide extra space, comfort, and cosiness to car users who will feel comfy to drive these cars. Honda Mugen CR-Z edition must be designed with aerodynamic structure with flexible and easy to care chassis. The inner space of the car compartment is comparatively sufficient to provide scope to car passengers for comfortable sitting. This car will be launched soon to facilitate car users to drive luxurious and lightweight CR-Z edition of Honda Mugen line-up.

There are other tools of the car which will be well taken care of like durable automatic transmission tool, suspension box, suspension damper, clamshaft, struts, fenders and exhaust systems. Front facelift of the car will be decorated with properly fitted grills and headlamp casings. There are also air vents to ensure smooth airflow inside the compartment and car bonnet. CR-Z version will be loaded with 1.5 L i-VTEC which is tuned to integrated motor backup system. This energy efficient powertrain can generate 122 horsepower inclusive of maximum 128 Ibs torque. A 6-speed automatic transmission is capable of shifting power from powerplant to rear wheels. This car runs 31/37/34 mpg on a 6-speed transmission for city driving, highway and joint venture respectively. At the same time, CVT transmission feature enables CR-Z to cover 35/39/37 mpg (applicable to city, highway, and both.

CR-Z car is based modern hybrid technology. You can save dollars as this car is also fuel efficient. The retractable car seats with leather accessories are easy to maintain .Soft cushions are filled with foam inclusive of high quality leather envelops. There are other important car accessories like an odometer, a pressure measurement tools and carbon diffuser. Car wheels are durable and tire bands check skidding of the wheels. On the other hand, car is also decorated with ergonomic steering wheel, dashboard with drawers, weather checking tools, and street navigation systems. This car must be eco-friendly with lower carbon emission rates.

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