Hyundai i Load, The Vehicle With Muscles

Hyundai iLoad Hyundai i Load, The Vehicle With Muscles

Hyundai iLoad 1 Hyundai i Load, The Vehicle With Muscles

With i Load the automobile giant of Hyundai fame has added another variety to the category of commercial vehicle. It is basically a van of medium size meant for commercial transits. Apart from having the features of a typical business vehicle, it also combines in itself those contributing to its passenger comfort.

Much like the jumbo sized commercial vehicles, the power of its engine is derived from its hind wheels, giving it the desired strength controllability and increased traction. Moreover it is sufficiently capacitate to carry heavy load. The engine with a capacity of 2.5 litres turbo diesel can affect 114 bhp at one thousand seven hundred and fifty revolutions per minute. The torque of 343 Nm enables greater effort at a controlled speed and fuel consumption, all of which add to its feature of a high class commercial van. It also boasts of an enlarged storing place facilitating easy storage of goods. The storage place understandably has a hard wearing and double sided doors make for easy accessibility to the storage cabin

The car designed for business transactions also boasts of a neatly designed interior with an adjustable driver’s seat and facility for air conditioning. The gear shifter which is mounted on a dash board is smooth to touch. The same can be said about its highly efficient brake. Besides these the electrically operated windows, presence of compact disc stereo with in house connectivity, mirror and that of the locking system are its prized comfort features. Its electronically manoeuvred stability system adds to its value.

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