Hyundai Verna RB-Supposed to Be Premiered in India in April

2011 Hyundai Verna RB Hyundai Verna RB Supposed to Be Premiered in India in April

2011 Hyundai Verna RB 2 Hyundai Verna RB Supposed to Be Premiered in India in April

There is no detailed report about technical specifications of Hyundai Verna RB version. However, it has been stated that the new Hyundai Verna RB car will be light weighted with 1.4liter and 1.6 litre petrol fuelled engines which generate 100 bhp and 124 bhp. The car will be more attractive with excellent features.

Depending on some colourful snapshots which have been published in internet, it can be said that the over all design of the car is up to date and there will be major changes to exterior parts of the car. The automatic transmission tool will be more powerful which plays vital role in transferring the torque from powertrain to rear wheels. Extra safeguards have been given to front and rear wheelbases which are also built with tire rims for better car movement. Axle bars are adjustable to the car wheels.

This concept car was first showcased in Moscow auto show. However none has given detailed information about the Hyundai Verna RB car. 5/6-speed auto transmission tool will ensure better delivery of power from powerplant to wheels. Interior d├ęcor of the Hyundai Verna RB car will be attractive as adjustable and retractable car seats plus leather upholsters will be installed into the compartment of the new car. The car accessories cover street navigation systems which come handy when car drivers monitor the streets at night. Strong chassis, odometer and carbon emission prevention tools will be used to upgrade the car to a more energy efficient and competent vehicle. 1.4 litre capacitated powertrain will last for several years. This car is also incompetent to produce harsh sound. It is totally eco-friendly. An official spokesperson of the company has admitted that this is car will be higher in price comparing to Etios and Manza. This car was first introduced to Russian market. However; in India this car will make a debut in April.

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