Lancia Ypsilon and Thema to be unveiled in Geneva

Lancia Ypsilon and Thema 5 Lancia Ypsilon and Thema to be unveiled in Geneva

Lancia Ypsilon and Thema 2 Lancia Ypsilon and Thema to be unveiled in Geneva

In a press report, it has been declared by a team of experts of Ypsilon car manufacturing unit that the concept car of Ypsilon lineup will be showcased at Geneva Motor show. There has been no detailed information about various pros of Yspilon and Thema car models. However it is clear that these two new futuristic car models will be energy efficient, dynamic and excellent in design.

According to experts, new two car models namely Thema and Ypsilon have been designed utilizing sophisticated technology. Ypsilon and Thema vehicles will be tuned in more organized way. For instance, Ypsilon four-wheeler will have 3-5 doors. However, experts are not sure about the exact sizes and shapes of these sophisticated lockable doors. Car lovers will have to wait for the next press brief. On the other hand, an official spokesperson has confirmed in a general meeting that Thema will be an upgraded version of Chrysler 300. This Thema car model will have a powerful and fuel efficient engine which will be 3.6 litres capacitated with six cylinders and several valves in perfect order. There will be further two types of engines such as V8 and V6 powertrans.

These workable engines are more environment-friendly and durable. 292 horsepower will be generated by V6 powerplant where as 370 horsepower is supposed to be produced by 5.7 litre capacitated engine. 3.6 litre V6 turbo diesel engines produce 230 hp. The car will have also grip safe leather covered steering wheel, odometer for distance measurement and other important car accessories like street navigation systems. The car is also equipped with wheelbases with fenders for further protection. Axle bars are adjustable and fitted to ensure smooth wheel rotation. In addition there are other vital tools like automatic transmission, suspension damper and carbon diffuser system. Car is also designed with a spoiler, retractable and stretchable car seats with adjustable cushions with durable straps.

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