Light BMW M Concept Car with Salient Features

17 bmw vision connecteddrive 630op Light BMW M Concept Car with Salient Features

BMW M futuristic car is supposed to be showcased at Tokyo Motor Show. This ultra-modern vehicle will be more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. This fantastically decorate vehicle will be made of qualitative titanium metal sheets. Attractive design of the car will bring pleasure to car users who feel proud of driving cars at their convenience. This car will be more environment-friendly. The exterior texture of the car cabin is painted in eye-soothing color shades. Front facelift of this theme vehicle is decorated with adjustable grill and properly fitted headlamps.

BMW M concept vehicle is light in weight. The car compartment is decorated with carbon fiber and trimmings which are ultra-light and durable. Magnesium has also been used to decorate the exterior and interior sections of the cabin of the vehicle. The car is attractive and beautiful in design. The thermoplastic sheets have been applied to insulate the interior wall of the compartment of the car. Besides, carbon fibers have been utilized properly to increase the gloss and attraction of the interior décor of the vehicle.

This theme car will have marvelous features like well-decorated chassis, fashionable doors with sophisticated interlocking systems. There are other excellent tools like automatic transmission and powertrain which can generate maximum torque to charge car wheels for better performance. The car runs smoothly without disturbing others. Energy-efficient powertrain is durable and efficient. It is also protect from the rust and moisture. This car doesn’t spew black fume and smoke. It is exempted from backfiring chemical impurities in the form of vaporized smoke. This car is also aerodynamic with electric powered motor. For keeping track of the car movement and street navigation, car drivers will have unique chance to operate sophisticated odometer, speedometer, and suspension systems plus tire pressure measurement devices. Four car wheels bases are well fitted to axles which enhance the smooth rotation of wheels.

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