Mansory Zapico Bike Runs Like a Jetliner

Mansory Zapico Bike 10 Mansory Zapico Bike Runs Like a Jetliner

Mansory Zapico Bike 6 Mansory Zapico Bike Runs Like a Jetliner

German vehicle tuner and designer Mansory has gone one step further by tuning Mansory Zapico two-wheeler. This light weight motorcycle is very excellent in terms of design and performance. Each part of the two-wheeler has undergone massive modification and change by using the latest technology.

The world famous motorcycle designer Thomas George was given a the task of designing Zapico two wheeler for bringing perfection to the vehicle design. This ultra-modern, easy to operate bicycle is not only energy efficient but also it is environment friendly. It produces the least volume of carbon and fume as engineers have made brilliant effort to upgrade this two-wheeler with more perfection. Mansory Zapico has been upgraded using carbon fibres. The extraordinary inset looking glass and ergonomically designed grip safe handles of the bike and manual brakes/accelerators have been installed to increase the working efficiency of the bike. This two-wheeler is equipped with fuel storage unit, back fenders and air flap/ spoiler to help bike rider to breathe air comfortably while riding bike at high speed. The high quality aluminium sheet has been used to make the vehicle more presentable, attractive and light in weight. The proper insulated aluminium sheets are not detrimental to health of common persons.

The sprinting time of this sophisticated Zapico bike is 3.3 seconds and within this short time frame this bike can reach a speed of 100 km/h from zero. This vehicle is also equipped with a 2.0 litre capacity V2 engine with proper installation of two cylinders in perfect order. The front and rear wheelbase rims are 3.5 x 18 and 10 x 18-inch respectively. The sizes of front and back tire bands are 130/60/18″ and 280/35/18″ inches in succession. This Zapico doesn’t release carbon laden fume or black smoke. The sound of the vehicle is remarkably hushed up as it runs very smoothly. This bike can be ridden with pleasure. This Zapico bike is the perfect answer for trouble free joy ride.

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