Mazda MX-5 ’55 Le Mans’ Limited Edition, A Swiss Delight

Mazda MX 5 55 Le Mans 3 Mazda MX 5 55 Le Mans Limited Edition, A Swiss Delight

The victory at Le Mans car race dated back to 1991 has energized team of experts and the management committee of Mazda to launch new vehicles which must have dynamic features plus eye-catching performance track records. The MX-5 ’55 Le Mans’ roadster has been named after the conventional car model Mazda 787B No.55 after winning the Le Mans race.

In a statement issued by the management of this Japanese automaker, Mazda, it has been stated clearly that this car will be decorated by modern car designers and car tuners. This futuristic vehicle will be made attractive by installing Bilstein sports suspension tool, LSD system inclusive of strut bar or suspension damper plus alloyed wheelbases with 10 spokes in design. The smooth texture of four wheelbases is also rimmed with tire bands which accelerate the traction for safety car trip. Axle bars are adjustable to wheelbases for flawless rotation of the wheels on the road. At an initial stage this car was designed keeping in mind the expansion of the business in Swiss market. However, Mazda is trying to produce more cars of this new line-up (Mazda MX-5 ’55 Le Mans’ Limited Edition) to provide satisfactory service to customers.

MX-5 ’55 Le Mans’ version is also equipped with a compact power train unit which includes drive train, engine and automatic transmission device in perfect order to add speed and competency to the vehicle. The car has an energy efficient 2.0 litre capacitated engine which is capable of generating 160 horsepower. The 6-speed gearbox can be operated manually. Besides, this vehicle is also designed with aerodynamic shape without any rooftop. Inside the car there are a number of car seats which are adjustable and soft. The front facelift of this concept car is made more gorgeous by installing headlamps, side light indicators with several small lighting fixtures at rear side. This black coloured car has superb interior décor items like sun visors, glass reflectors, dashboard, and an ergonomic steering wheel with leather coverage. Durable hood and bonnet are used to protect tools like engine, drive train and suspension systems.

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