Mercedes Benze SLK Roadster Car photos released

2012 Mercedes SLK 33 Mercedes Benze SLK Roadster Car photos released

2012 Mercedes SLK 37 Mercedes Benze SLK Roadster Car photos released

2012 Mercedes SLK 67 Mercedes Benze SLK Roadster Car photos released

Mercedes Benze SLK Car is supposed to fulfill the long standing dream of car users. Mercedes Benz has taken an extensive car designing and upgradation project to bring more glamour and innovative style to this SLK model car. In an official statement, the company’s CEO has stated that the sophisticated car will have better car tuning accessories.

2012 SLK car of Mercedes Benz edition will be fully unique in shape. The special features of this concept car will be the availability of two fold rooftop and durable chassis. The car will be built in imitation of two well known versions like SLS AMG and CLS. This futuristic car will be upgraded by installing a 3.5 V6 power plant which will have efficiency to generate 306 horse power. There will be also another type of power plant which will be 1.8 litre, in capacity with four durable and workable cylinders. This V4 engine generates 184 horse power.

This concept car is very much attractive with a new type of roof-top with specially decorated lighting fixtures which can be operated with comfort. At the press of button, darkness inside the car will be dispersed and the interior portion of the compartment of vehicle will be illuminated. Inside the car cabinet, COMMAND car accessories with 7 inches wide touch screen display unit, console, dashboard, easy to care steering wheel, leather accessories, adjustable car seats, odometer, speedometer inclusive of street navigation systems will be used to upgrade the condition of the car. The car will have also automatic transmission tool, suspension damper and fenders covering both front and rear wheelbases so that mud water and dust can’t damage tire bands of four wheels. To check friction, struts or shock absorber will be supplied to upgrade the car. The car will be painted in different colour shades which are eye-adjustable and durable. The internal chassis is really long lasting with well fitted carbon diffuser, suspension tool and other excellent car tuning accessories.

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