Mugen Euro Creating a High-Performance Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Honda Mugen Euro CR Z 1 Mugen Euro Creating a High Performance Honda CR Z Hybrid

Honda Mugen Euro CR Z Mugen Euro Creating a High Performance Honda CR Z Hybrid

European division of Mugen has decided to tune the conventional Honda CR-Z car which must be remodelled and upgraded. Old Honda CR-Z is a type of hybrid vehicle, which doesn’t perform up to the expectation. Therefore the management group of Honda has decided to modify exterior and interior parts of Honda CR-Z hybrid car.

New version will be more dynamic, attractive, and energy efficient. The capacity of the power train of this futuristic car over the old model will be higher. In addition, the car will be equipped with other car accessories like automatic transmission, suspension dampers, brakes, struts at wheels, fenders for protecting car wheels inclusive of tire bands with good traction. Basically, this Honda CR-Z car model will be the combined form of two car models such as Honda UK and Mugen Euro versions. In a press release, it has been declared on behalf of Mugen Euro subsidiary branch; this new edition will be showcased at Goodwood Festival of Speed, maybe, in the first week of July this year. Powertrain of this new version will generate more torque, and rpm comparing to previous car models. This new car will be upgraded with a fuel efficient 1.5L i-VTEC petrol fed engine plus Honda IMA accessory, which will definitely generate more power and torque without increasing the rate of carbon emission. Hood of the car is solid as experts have put emphasis on the durability of the new car frame.

Inside the car compartment, there will be other interior décor items like adjustable car seats with lather upholsters, floor mat, well decorated glass reflector casings, and a dashboard. Experts have also used lightweight carbon materials for decorating interior section of the car. New Honda IMA technology is applicable to check massive spread of carbon fumes, when the car runs on the road. The new vehicle will also have other new features like aerodynamic design, bumpers located at both front and rear sides of the car. Colour contrast of the vehicle is excellent. Car tuning kit will be available to upgrade Honda CR-Z Hybrid car model.

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