New 2012 Panda Mini in November this year

2011 Fiat Panda New 2012 Panda Mini in November this year

2011 Fiat Panda 2 New 2012 Panda Mini in November this year

Fiat will deliver sophisticated lightweight Panda city four wheelers to Italian market in November this year. Fiat automaker is planning to shift the Panda vehicle manufacturing unit from Tychy plant located in Poland to Pomigliano which is based in Italy. In a declaration released from Fiat, official spokespersons have told reporters that this new concept car will have dynamic features. After extensive research, a team of experts modified different parts of the car model. However, researchers are still doing experiments and studies in making vehicles more energy efficient and luxurious.

Panda city car will be aerodynamic in design with excellent well built car compartment. Especially, the driver’s cockpit will be upgraded by installing ergonomic leather insulated steering wheel plus a dashboard with smooth texture. There will be a set of properly adjusted inset glass mirrors for helping car drivers to check streets properly. On being asked, Fiat’s chief executive Sergio Marchionne has clarified about the company’s standpoint in enhancing product endorsement campaigns. He told journalists that the company would operate Pomigliano d’Arco auto manufacturing unit to increase the sale of new Panda cars. By the end of 2014, approximately 1.4 million Panda car models will be released for sale.

These Panda city cars will be loaded with eco-friendly powertrain, suspension tools, and auto transmission devices along with dampers for absorbing shock. This theme car will be designed with four adjustable car wheelbases with tire bands which will produce good traction. Inside the cabin of the vehicle, there will be properly designed car seats which will be decorated with attractive leather upholsteries. The interior décor of the new car will be more interesting as car designers will use innovative car decoration items to accelerate the beauty of the car. There will be an ergonomic steering wheel in the cockpit of car driver. Besides, this Panda city vehicle will have street monitoring systems and weather forecast devices. This car must be environment-friendly.

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