New CLS Baby Brother in the Works: Mercedes BLS

Mercedes BLS New CLS Baby Brother in the Works: Mercedes BLS

The legendary company of era, Mercedes-Benz, well-known worldwide for its inventive cars is introducing one of its nicest models, the CLS that is now emerging with its novel and purely downscaled version popularly called BLS. This novel car is bound to look like a perfect combination of CLS and F800 concept and is expected to be launched in the global market in 2014.

Although the car specifications are not yet revealed but this car is going to be smartest move of Mercedes. Whether elite clients call it a coupe or a sedan, it will inevitably fill up the ultimate desire of users. This car is quite competent to compete with other marvellous cars in the market namely Audi A4 as well as BMW 3 Series. The niche will not only be integrated with performance but also most elegant looking car with well fitted design that could compete gracefully even with other amazes like Infiniti, Acura and Lexus.

Benz has undoubtedly opted to attract younger buyers and BLS should be quite effective with its remarkable design to be a distinguished piece in any of the spacious showrooms. Though engines are not optimally specified but Auto Express is mentioning about 1.4 as well as 1.8 efficient turbo from Renault. There will be even incorporation of a diesel plus a 2.0 litre gasoline and a 2.2 litre diesel. This car is going to do outstandingly well in the immersive market of US.

Mercedes Benz has proudly named its new A-class and B-class platform MFA, and the cars will be sported with front drivers. These cars will be comprised grandly of hybrid power and will configure a small SUV. This new inventory of Benz popularly called four door coupe is marked to be a true appeal of style which will hit the market with dramatic style.

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