Nissan Serena Minivan-Spacious and Energy Efficient

Nissan Serena Nissan Serena Minivan Spacious and Energy Efficient

Nissan Serena 1 Nissan Serena Minivan Spacious and Energy Efficient

Nissan Serena minivan is a Japanese car model and experts have admitted that this new car model will provide extra space and extra comfort to car passengers. This car will be different from conventional minivans. The enlarged and spacious compartment of the vehicle is decorated with retractable and easy to care car seats with excellent leather accessories.

MR20DD direct fuel injection system has been installed inside the minivan. The carbon emission rate is lower and negligible as special protection has been given to this car engine which doesn’t produce any chemical impurity or fume. Carbon diffuser and vibration checking tools have upgraded the car to a great extent. To increase the presentability of the car, newly built tools and sophisticated car accessories have been used by engineers. Xtronic CVT transmission and Idling Stop modes activate and inactivate powerplants accurately. This new minivan has been tuned by installing other tools like VDC and Hill Start Assist. Auto speed regulating accessory enables car drivers to check the speed of car at his convenience. Nissan Serena car has also durable car wheels, suspension dampers and exhaust systems.

This Serena edition is fuel efficient as it saves fuel 15.4 km per liter. In addition, there is also an Eco-motor tool which assists the restarting of the engine. Therefore, this car has excellent start up features. Besides, inside the car cabin, you can see well decorated car seats which are retractable, foldable and adjustable. Leather upholsteries are excellent in designing cushions of the minivan. Internal chassis, steering wheels, front and rear windscreens plus side glass windows are excellent features of this minivan.

The driver’s cockpit is spacious, beautifully decorated and filled with different sorts of car accessories. Transparent windscreens of the car help drivers to monitor streets. There are both ingression and egression systems in the car. Car seats are multi-functional and these seats can be stretched and folded or retracted for comfortable sitting inside the compartment.

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