Nissan XTRAIL with New Features

Nissan X TRAIL 2 Nissan XTRAIL with New Features

Nissan X TRAIL Nissan XTRAIL with New Features

Nissan XTRAIL edition is well built and team of experts have upgraded these two car models borrowing sophisticated technology. According to engineers, these new cars are equipped with electric mirrors, inset glass for private usage inclusive of excellent automatic lighting fixtures. The 17 inch wheelbase are covered with rims of tire which can last for several months if proper protection is taken by car users. Xenon headlamps are always functional. These headlamps release eye-adjustable light which makes objects lying in darkness appear prominent and visible. The beautifully designed sunroof with air spoilers and adjustable car seats have made these cars unique. 2.0 liter energy efficient dCi 150 diesel fed engine has been inserted into the car. Carbon emission percentage is comparatively low. Experts claim that after massive modification and upgradation, these new car models produce 188 grams per kilometer. 2.0 dCi 172 capacitated engine generates power to cover 44.1 mph whereas carbon emission is 168 g/kilometer.

Nissan XTRAIL sports utility service car will be delivered in October this year. Experts have tuned outer hull of the car by installing properly adjusted axles, car wheels, fenders, and suspension dampers which are functional to check friction. The car wheels are covered with tire bands which are durable with good traction. The interior part of the car is also decorated with retractable car seats with eco-friendly cushions, floor mats, indoor lighting fixtures, windscreens, easy to operate odometer and speed checking accessories. The car is environment friendly and this vehicle has excellent interoperability traits. The powerful odometer performs in measuring covered distance.

Street navigation accessories are also workable and easy to care. According to experts, this new car will perform competently as every equipment like automatic transmission, gear box, suspension tool, carbon diffuser and drive train have undergone several tests and experiments. The car will not contaminate the environment as new carbon prevention technology has been installed into the car.

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