Opel Astra sports tourer gets the Steinmetz treatment

OPEL aSTRA st 1 Opel Astra sports tourer gets the Steinmetz treatment

OPEL aSTRA st 8 Opel Astra sports tourer gets the Steinmetz treatment

OPEL aSTRA st 9 Opel Astra sports tourer gets the Steinmetz treatment

Opel Astra was initially introduced into the market as a car meant for family use. Manufactured by the German based brand by the name of Opel, the car had its inception in the year 1991. Apart from making various versions of domestic cars the German brand Astra is also into making cars meant for motor racing and those for sports touring.

The coupe of the Astra brand became popular as sports touring vehicle when it was included in the British Championship meant for the purpose since 2001. It continued with its glorious performance for four consecutive seasons. It was also a part of the German Racing circuit.

Presence of five doors at the rear, a proper console system, and wheels of seventeen inches made of alloy, air bags on both sides, a trim layout and that of a powerful engine aided by automatic transmission are some of the hallmarks of Opel Astra meant for sports touring. Of late, Steinmetz the company dealing with the fine tuning of the sports tourer has come up with a wide range of technicalities adding to its power and efficiency. These relate to its layout, take off, wheels and also to that of its styling. In order to ensure fast acceleration and easy take off a lowering kit of forty mm will be introduced. Secondly the power linkage will be fitted into the back axle. Instead of alloy wheels measuring seventeen inches Steinmetz has introduced the ones of nineteen inches. The wheels will be fitted into equally durable tires which can take the additional burden.

The fine tuning will also include well polished steel door with a handle, grills in black and a new exhaust system consisting of double pipes. The interior will have a renovated display system digitally pointing to gear shifts. Renovation touching the car in its entirety will definitely take it to a new level of excellence.

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