Opel-Meriva Car with Excellent Interoperability Features

2011 opel meriva color edition Opel Meriva Car with Excellent Interoperability Features

2011 opel meriva color edition 2 Opel Meriva Car with Excellent Interoperability Features

Opel has recently earned popularity by releasing new car models. In an interview, one of the official spokespersons of Opel has claimed that Meriva Colour Edition is colourful and eco-friendly. This time, Opel has fully put stress on the colour contrast and car design. This Meriva Colour Edition is available in five different colour shades like white, magma, Casablanca, deep red, carbon grey, silvery star inclusive of Henna colour. All these colour shades are well chosen and experts of Opel car tuning firm have used latest technology to insulate the exterior and interior sections of the car.

Opel Meriva vehicle is equipped with a number of sophisticated tools which perform competently. This car compartment is aerodynamic in shape with slopping roofline. Both interior and exterior portions of Meriva small vehicle have been decorated utilizing environment-friendly ultra light fixtures. Opel Meriva Colour Edition is also designed with air cooling machine, leather upholsters, computer, ergonomic steering wheel plus electric powered doors with sophisticated interlocking accessories. Windows of the car are also highly up to date as these attachments are electric propelled. That means car passengers can adjust window screens using remote control. In the driver’s cockpit, there are inset mirrors with adjustable sun visors. The front wind screen, clutches, brakes and steering wheel, floor mats plus interior lighting fixtures.

Street navigation systems in Opel Meriva Colour Edition are helpful to car drivers to drive cars comfortably in darkness. A specially tuned odometer along with weather checking system has been planted inside the car. There are also Flex Rail type console, dashboard with hidden drawers, and speedometer inside the car compartment. Car is also decorated with wheelbases with durable tire bands. For the additional protection, car wheels are also upgraded with fenders and struts. The front facelift of the car is highly fashionable with trapezoidal grills and triangle shaped headlamp casings. Experts have attached air spoilers, side skirts, and rear lamps to this Meriva Colour Edition. Price of this Meriva Colour Edition is around €19,570.

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