Patrick-Motor sports Launches Full Concourse Quality Restoration Program

Porsche 906 13 Patrick Motor sports Launches Full Concourse Quality Restoration Program

Porsche 906 61 Patrick Motor sports Launches Full Concourse Quality Restoration Program

Porsche 906 car looks brilliant and this car is rimmed with high quality and durable fiber glass sheet. This car is built with long lasting chassis, excellent door locking systems along with marvelous car accessories. The vehicle is also equipped with 2.0 liter engine with capability of producing maximum 220 hp. This car can run reaching top speed of 170 mph. Plexiglas insulation adds up additional gloss and color to the car compartment. The lightweight vehicle has the long lasting wheelbases with tire bands.

However, recently in a press brief, the company ‘s CEO has admitted that soon the management of Porsche will be starting a car upgradation and tuning program to add more perfection to the car designs. The old car models will be tuned using highly sophisticated tools and equipment. Major changes will be done taking care of the front facelift of the vehicle. This new car will be rebuilt on the basis of conventional Porsche 906 car model.

Of late, Patrick Motorsports or PMC in Arizona has launched Full Concourse Quality Restoration program for reshaping and tuning old car models dating back to 1966. Experts will use lightweight fiber glass sheet, chassis and old fashioned side skirts, bumpers and other car accessories for the decoration of this futuristic car. Modification will also be palpable and prominent in designing of side doors of the car compartment. There will be air spoiler and ventilator to ensure smooth entry of light and air inside the cabin of the car.

Technical specifications will include the installation of internal framework with retractable car seats. Durable leather upholsters along with car floor mats will be available inside the car. In the front part of the cabin, there will be an ergonomically designed steering wheel, a well built dashboard, odometer, and street navigation systems. In driver’s cockpit is filled with durable leather covered car seats, sun visors, inset glass mirrors plus front windscreens made of transparent glass.

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