Pininfarina family shares on sale —– Tata may buy

pininfarina blue car ev production version 2 Pininfarina family shares on sale       Tata may buy

pininfarina blue car ev production version 3 Pininfarina family shares on sale       Tata may buy

Pincar which is still in the grip of Pininfarina is supposed to be handed over to Tata or Land Rover automaker. Due to financial crunch, the lion share of Pininifarina’s partnership can be cut to size as the company has no longer the same financial strength to over come the complicated situation. In a news brief, one of the company’s high officials has stated clearly that major stakes of the company will be sold to a new entrepreneurial community. The fact is that in near future the family owned business will be slipped out of hand to other business houses.

However it is also true that Pininfarina family members owning Pincar are not willing to shrug off 100 percent ownership to the third party. This company will be in possession of few shares to be in the board of management. This abrupt decision of the Pininfarina group will lose supremacy over the management of the company. Tata is an international automaker with world wide reputation. This firm has excellent financial strength. For this reason, at initial stage, this India based automaker can buy majority shares of the company to dominate the company in future. However there is no reliable information about the final decision in this regard.

On the other hand, besides Tata Group, there is another big company named Bollore, the French automaker which is also interested about buying stakes of Pincar. This French company is eager to expand its business by entering into the board of management of Pincar. Long way back in 2008, Vincent who pioneered this French auto manufacturing unit declared that he would try to possess shares of Pincar as a part of his future vision to extend the periphery of Bollore auto making unit. Finally, the board of management of Pincar is still groping for right decision regarding the ownership transfer issue.

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