Pininfarina Nido EV prototype unveiled

Pininfarina Nido EV prototype 5 Pininfarina Nido EV prototype unveiled

Pininfarina Nido EV prototype 2 Pininfarina Nido EV prototype unveiled

Pininfarina Nido EV prototype has come out in the open following Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary. The electric vehicle prototype built and designed on a tubular steel frame also has a Zebra recyclable battery. The non toxic Zebra Z5 Ni-NaCl batteries weigh only 400pounds although they have a capacity of 21.2km per hour.

The two-seater with a torque of 125 Nm and an electric motor with 30 kw of power, this vehicle is sure to be noticed. The Nido accelerates from 0-60km/hr which is around 37.2mph within 6.7seconds. The 1,984 lb or the 900 kg Nido can also attain a top speed of 120km/hr which is 74.6mp/h although it is electronically limited. The vehicle can be recharged in eight hours. A climate control device to minimize electrical usage and the Pirelli tyres is embedded in the vehicle. The ancestor a 2004 Nido city car but the Nido EV is an improved version of its ancestor.

The centre for creating this new vehicle is at Pininfarina’s Style and Engineering Centre of Cabiano which is in Turin. A high voltage electric heater and an electric AC compressor will help under most adverse conditions, to reduce the consumption. The two and four seat cars will be available along with van and pickup models with different body styles. Although at present a steel body frame is being used later aluminium might take over as the body weight is constantly under review. The Italian car maker is conscious of the looks of the car and plans to make the electrical model a new way of life for the people of the next generation giving them a chance to breathe more fresh air. The design of this green vehicle is being much appreciated. The electrification of a car which is small, environment friendly and at the same time can be used in a city gives the Italian car maker a reason to be appreciated.

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