Pininfarina Sintesi with Smart Technology

Pininfarina Sintesi 1 Pininfarina Sintesi with Smart Technology

Pininfarina Sintesi 2 Pininfarina Sintesi with Smart Technology

Pininfarina Sintesi theme car will be completely different from the ordinary coupe, sedan and crossover car models. Pininfarina Sintesi car will be tuned and upgraded by installing sophisticated smart technology supported tools and car accessories. Experts have used a number of ultra modern technologies like LED Osram for better light effect and ensure flawless traffic alert programs inclusive of liquid packaging along with transparent mobility technology which will be used to increase the safety of passengers and at the same time these technologies are also user-friendly to save fuel and lessen the over weight of the car.

The fuel stakes and power generator are placed or attached to the four wheels to supply torque to powerplant. Wheelbases are also designed with fenders which are further mingled with doors which can be swung up just like Moebius type ring which has integrated interior and exterior portions of the car frame together. Doors are stretchable, retractable and these doors can be dragged or swung to open and close. On the other hand, experts have also used hi-tech wireless technology to ensure better communication with other cars and vehicle during emergency. Street navigation accessories are very high in quality.

So far as car specifications are concerned, this concept car will have dual electric and hydrogen powered engines which will have excellent fuel consumption controlling systems. 700 hp is capacitated powerplant is both electric and hydrogen propelled. The car will have topmost speed at the rate of 118 mph depending on fuel stacks which are fitted to wheelbases. The sprinting time is 9 seconds to cover 62 mph. Lithium battery is more durable and energy efficient to deliver power to powertrain. The car will be also decorated with suspension tools, automatic transmission, shock absorbing tools or suspension damper along with speed monitoring systems. The smart technology has made the car more dynamic, powerful and an easy to maintain vehicle.

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