Porsche Offers Upgraded Cajun Baby SUV

Porsche Leipzig 6 Porsche Offers Upgraded Cajun Baby SUV

Porsche will manufacture new Cajun car models in Leipzig, Germany. Porsche car model will be designed and upgraded along with two new editions like Cayenne sports utility vehicle and Panamera sports sedan cars. Factory in Leipzig will be empowered to tune Cajun cars using sophisticated technology.

A company’s spokesperson has told television reporters that after the extension of Leipzig car manufacturing unit, there will be an increase in the number of employees, technicians, and workers for running the factory. Therefore, it will help unemployed youths to get attractive jobs. Car manufacturing unit in Leipzig has been upgrading, tuning and remodelling sports utility vehicles and other lightweight cars since 2002. In 2009 this factory started to work on remodelling and tuning of Panamera car models. Till now, this company has already spent 280 million Euro for the upgradation of Panoroma, Cajun and other car models.

According to experts, Porsche is also planning to release new lightweight car models which will be equipped with ultra-modern carbon emission systems, automatic transmission tool, suspension dampers/shock absorbers, gear box, struts, fenders at wheel bases, carbon diffuser pipe, and powerplant, which will generate good amount of torque for activating rear wheels. Porsche has already launched an extensive growth oriented car tuning and upgradation project which ensures speedy completion of Cajun car tuning and remodelling process as soon as possible so that new Cajun babies will be available in the market. However, there is no information about the price range of these new Cajun babies. Depending on reliable source, it has been confirmed that Cajun cars will have aerodynamic structures, durable wheelbases with tire bands, street monitoring accessories, an odometer, and glass windscreens at front including rear sides of the car. There will also be energy efficient exhaust system in right combination with carbon prevention tools inside the car. New cars of Porsche will have both light weight chassis and easy to care ergonomic steering wheels.

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