Porsche Will Unwrap Panamera Turbo S Car

Panamera Turbo S 12 Porsche Will Unwrap Panamera Turbo S Car

Panamera Turbo S 8 Porsche Will Unwrap Panamera Turbo S Car

Panamera Turbo S 3 Porsche Will Unwrap Panamera Turbo S Car

Porsche, the German automaker has specified in their official statement that the company has made a one step forward by launching Panamera Turbo S version. This new vehicle will have aerodynamic feature which accelerates the overall aesthetic quality of this vehicle. Panamera Turbo S is fully loaded with ergonomically designed steering wheel, speedometer, odometer, tire pressure monitoring tool along with solid and opal shaped dashboard.

This new version will be eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Panamera Turbo S salon four-wheeler has the fuel-efficient engine, suspension dampers, suspension system, automatic transmission, and carbon diffuser. This new edition features an upgraded 4.8 turbo V8 powertrain with eight cylinders in perfect order. The total outcome of horsepower from this durable and environment-friendly engine is 550 hp.

Depending on press release and reports published few days back, experts are confident of better performance of this vehicle. This car cabin has been tuned with a number of car seats which are retractable, separable with excellent operability mechanism. More than 50 powerful ponies provide maximum horsepower up to 550. Top most speed of the car is around 307 km/h. The sprinting capability of this car is excellent as it hits 100 km/h within time frame of 3.8 seconds.

The interior design of the compartment of the Panamera Turbo S edition is superb with added features. The car is also designed with durable car wheelbases. These wheels are covered with tire bands for preventing slippery and increase traction. There are other car accessories like properly designed navigation systems which are multi-functional and up to the mark. The car will run through high ways competently without releasing gyres of fume and dark smoke containing lethal elements. Front facelift of the cabin of the car is decorated with well shaped grill and headlamp casings. The front and rear windscreens of the car are durable, highly resilient with maximum capability to resist rain water, air pressure, and dust particles.

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