Production of the Pininfarina Bluecar is to start

pininfarina blue car ev production version1 Production of the Pininfarina Bluecar is to start

pininfarina blue car ev production version 11 Production of the Pininfarina Bluecar is to start

The news of the car by the name of Pininfarina Blue car going into production recently attracted the attention of the automobile sector when the concerned partners involved in its collaboration had the car on show with a promise about its technology that gears to eco friendliness.

The car which is to be produced under the collaboration of Pinifarina and Bollore is endowed with a unique design. Its structure and designing contributes to its outward show which makes it different from other vehicles. The compactly designed car not only has a transmission system which is automatic, but also one that is completely electrical. Being electrical in nature its system does not involve the emission of gas, dust particles and noise. This also ensures its eco friendly nature.

The metallic batteries made of Lithium and Polymer can be recharged traditionally and their additional mechanism for extra storage is supposed to guarantee smooth acceleration and extra mileage. The extra storage mechanism also promises a better life span covering two-lakh kilometres. The battery which is poised between the two axles ensures better road grip and increased safety.

The car which ensures high derivability and mileage is made of materials which are reusable. The use of reusable material caters not only to its external structure but also to that of its interior designing and furnishing. The car supplied with five doors and sitting arrangement of four also boasts of an upper screen which is readable.

It provides necessary information to the user about the state of battery distance covered, speed and mileage. The touch screen promises a wide array of functions ranging from phone, an audio system and a GPS.

Besides the battery ensuring its better speed, its overall lightness also contributes to the same apart from making it sleek, trendy and comfortable to its user.

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