Renault Duster with Aggressive Design

2011 Dacia Duster 1 Renault Duster with Aggressive Design

Indian automobile industry is providing space to foreign automakers to enhance the speedy expansion of the market breaching barriers so that the foreign car makers can access the country. Now this time Renault Duster will be brought to India for sale. Though, earlier it was stated that Clio edition would be launched to facilitate Indian car lovers to have a unique experience in driving cars with comfort and pleasure. However, the fact is that this Clio edition is more expensive compared to Renault Duster version.

This Renault Duster will be introduced to the domestic market by the end of 2012 or in the first quarter of 2913. To describe the technical specification of the car, experts have highlighted certain parts of the car. For instance, the car will have 1.5 dci engines which are more powerful and eco-friendly. The car will be designed with adjustable car seats with soft cushions plus leather coverage. Duster must be less expensive comparing to Clio and Micra. The car compartment will be designed by using good quality carbon fibres, leather accessories and metal sheets which are also light in weight. There will be other car accessories like sun visor to protect car passengers from sunlight, side glass reflectors for watching cars coming from backside along with road checking tools. The car wheelbases are durable, flexible and covered with tire bands.

There are other technical tools like suspension device which is used to keep the track of wheel rotation and check the road condition. New Renault Duster edition will be fuel efficient and environment friendly. Car up gradation process will be started soon by using automatic transmission, carbon emission checking accessories, suspension damper and speed checking accessories. Car will be decorated with adjustable strong and easy to care foldable hood which can be used to protect power train, valves and cylinders. Carbon diffuser, exhaust system and start-up tools of the car are good in condition. Power plant offers excellent torque to rear wheelbases for determining better car movement. For the stability of the running car, suspension damper will be attached to wheelbases.

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