Renault sport Vehicle with Excellent Features

Renault sport Vehicle 25 Renault sport Vehicle with Excellent Features

Renault sport Vehicle 19 Renault sport Vehicle with Excellent Features

Renault sport Vehicle 30 Renault sport Vehicle with Excellent Features

In an interview, the CEO of Rneault auto maker has declared that there will be newly built Renaultsport cars which are equipped with 2.0 turbo charged powertrain along with automatic transmission, carbon diffuser and suspension dampers. Every part of the car will be upgraded applying ultra-modern technology.

Renaultsport car is really attractive and up to the mark as it will be painted in eye-soothing colors. Both exterior and interior parts of the car will be properly tuned to the entire satisfaction of car users. Earlier Renault has gifted back several sophisticated lightweight four-wheelers inclusive of sedan cars. However, thus time Rnault is putting extra focus on car tuning and upgradation of old car models of Renault line-up. Though the company is also spending time for releasing Megane versions but specially experts and experienced engineers are putting their 100 percent effort for the upgradation of the car.

DeZir cabriolet with convertible features will be launched into the market for providing extra mileage to car users who like to travel by cars. This new car model of Renaultsport line up performs accurately to cover long distance smoothly. This futuristic car model has been designed imitating design of 2010 Renaultsports car model which was showcased at 2010 Paris Motor Show. The power train generates 215 NM torque. Wheelbases will be durable with properly adjusted axles and struts for shock absorption. This car will cost customers around £30,000. Automatic transmission, exhaust system, carbon diffuser, fenders, and retractable car seats plus leather upholsteries. There is enough space inside the car. The internal chassis of the car will be flexible, durable and easy to operate. The ergonomic steering wheel, street monitoring devices, a perfectly fitted odometer, a dashboard, glass reflector casings, and durable car floor mats will be available in this car. The petrol fed Clio turbo engine will not contaminate outdoor air. The carbon emission rate is low.

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