Renault Wind Roadster Gordini Edition-Review

Renault Gordin Renault Wind Roadster Gordini Edition Review

Renault Wind Roadster Gordini car has already been premiered at Geneva Motor Show in March. This car has been properly upgraded using several sophisticated tools. This car with double seats will surely give satisfaction to car users as experts have used lightweight materials and car accessories to tune this new car.

The car is totally ultramodern with 17 inch wheelbases which have been further fixed to axle bars. The wheelbases of the car are also rimmed with tire bands. The hardware of the car is durable and easy to operate. This vehicle has convertible features which have been borrowed from Twingo car design. The rooftop of the car is smooth and scratch resistant. Foldable roof of the car is easy to maintain. In addition, the interior section of the car is filled with retractable seats which have been further covered with excellently decorated leather upholsteries. Cushions of the car seats are soft and enlarged with detachable systems. There are other features of this cabriolet car which has been made more presentable by installing white glass mirrors. The front facelift of the car is decorated with well trimmed grilles and headlamps.

Jet black colored roof surface with G mark has increased the aesthete of the car. 17 inch wheelbases are studded with Y type spokes and struts to ensure better car movement. The suspension dampers of the car are conducive to friction regulation in more scientific way. The car will have aerodynamic exterior frame with properly adjusted glass windscreens, glass reflectors and rear lamps. It will be totally eco-friendly and more fuel efficient. This superb car will be activated by a 1.2 turbo charged petrol fed engine which can produce 100 hp. The French automaker will also sell these car models in Asian countries.

Wind Roadster Renault Gordini car has also leather made car accessories along with functional gear shifting system. In addition, the blue colored doors have added extra glow to the car. The front and rear portions of this vehicle have been made more attractive by using properly adjustable headlamps, light indicators, grilles and air outlets.

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