Slavche Tanevski designed Mercedes-Benz Nimbus for 2025

2025 slavche tanevski mercedes benz nimbus Slavche Tanevski designed Mercedes Benz Nimbus for 2025

Munich University has delivered a designed by Slavche Tanevski whose brain child is the Mercedes Benz Nimbus. This student of applied science has designed this futuristic city cab for the year 2025. While he was doing his internship in Mercedes Exterior Design Studio he came up with this innovative design. This car spells out innovative design to the core. He takes his inspiration from the 1897 Gottlieb Daimler Victoria. When you see the Nimbus you will definitely relate it to the Victoria as there are similar styling cues. The Nimbus boats of compact interior which can accommodate 3 adults with luggage or 5 adults without luggage comfortably.

The wheel hubs are mounted with electric motors which get its power from the lithium ion batteries placed beneath the floor. According to the designer this car is a tribute to the world’s very 1st motorized taxi, Victoria. Nimbus as a car is very conscious about the environment as it is propelled by 4 hub mounted electronic motors which are actually supported by lithium ion batteries. In this car the driver’s seat is placed in the middle which actually is placed in the best position giving the best visibility as there are no front struts to block his view and there is a glass dome to give him a better clarity. To protect the driver’s head during bumps there are protective elements above the head of the driver’s seat to protect him during bumps. This aerodynamic system acts as a protective shield but also acts as a separator to separate the driver’s work space from the passenger’s. This futuristic car is all set to capture the roads in the year 2025 and is definitely a car to look forward to, with its style and design.

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