Stunning 2011 Wald F01 BMW 7 Black Bison

2011 Wald F01 BMW 7 Black Bison 2 Stunning 2011 Wald F01 BMW 7 Black Bison

2011 Wald F01 BMW 7 Black Bison 3 Stunning 2011 Wald F01 BMW 7 Black Bison

Wald International, the tuning firm from Japan, has previously contributed several Black Bison cars (Edition labelled) to the automobile industry. These include W212 Mercedes E-Class and Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Their latest venture is BMW 7-series German cars, the Sports Line F01 Black Bison cars (Edition-labelled).

The name ‘Black Bison’ depicts the animal with a powerful physique, charging across a wasteland and the face-line of the car by Wald International openly declares it!

Interestingly, the color of the package and its name are contradictory. The car has a white paintjob externally and not black which makes it stand out more conspicuously than its predecessor! The improved style aero-kit has added a front bumper with lip spoiler, an all new design. In addition to that, the side skirts are lowered, lowering the ground clearance and making it more stylish, plus there are spoilers on the trunk lid and the roof. They have also added make-believe wing vents into the doors having a butterfly-cut, and LED daytime sidelights. The rear end is quite complex in looks with a diffuser and LED brake lights. The LED lights are now fixed in both the front and the rear bumpers.

The tuning firm said that they could have changed the style of the exhaust tailpipes (muffler cutter style) which look very much like those of Lexus IS-F but wanted the designers of BMW to learn something from the Japanese firm’s styling department! They also wanted to have a matte touch for the huge 23 inch, R13 rimmed Renovatio alloy wheels of Wald.

The car, on the whole gives a sporty appearance more with the center of the LED lights. The pricing of F01 BMW 7-series Black Bison is yet not disclosed neither its availability. It is designed to give one the anticipated driving pleasure of BMW automobiles!

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