The 2011 Buick GL8 Edition Provides Extra Pleasure

2011 buick gl8 3 The 2011 Buick GL8 Edition Provides Extra Pleasure

2011 buick gl8 4 The 2011 Buick GL8 Edition Provides Extra Pleasure

2011 Buick GL8 car has been developed and upgraded by the Shanghai GM automaker; which released these car models in Chinese market on January 2011. This 2011 Buick GL 8 has been manufactured by GM in collaboration with PATAC which is based in Shanghai. There has been an official declaration made by the CEO on behalf of GM automaker in which it has been stated clearly that this new car will be upgraded with 2.4 litre capacity engine in right combination with the 6-speed automatic transmission.

The power train of the car will be more user-friendly and it can generate impressive torque and power. A 3.0 litre V6 capacitated SIDI with direct fuel injection system will be installed inside the car for the enhancement in performance of the vehicle. The car will be designed with prominent trims, edge bars and bumpers. This newly upgraded vehicle will have tail lamps and bumpers in the rear side of the car. Fenders will be added to the exterior d├ęcor of this vehicle. The fantastic roofline texture will be decorated with air flap/spoiler to ensure steady airflow process. There are other special features like electric powered sliding doors with automatic interlocking accessories. Detachable and retractable leather covered cushions inside car look nice and durable. The whole car frame sits on a solid and flexible metal platform which has efficiency to take extra load of passengers and luggage. Ergonomically designed steering wheel is more convenient to operate with the proper installation of sun visors, glass reflectors, odometer, dashboard with foldable drawers and street navigation tools.

Inside the car, there is also a 7 inch sized touch screen display unit with perfect audio system. Car passengers can enjoy the journey by watching movies on the move and listening to songs sitting inside the car.

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