The 2011 Chevrolet Ke Mai Luo the exciting beast

2011 chevrolet ke mai luo 3 The 2011 Chevrolet Ke Mai Luo the exciting beast

2011 chevrolet ke mai luo 2 The 2011 Chevrolet Ke Mai Luo the exciting beast

In an official statement, General Motors has declared the company’s next resolution in the case of expansion of the business. China has become the hotspot to European automobile industry. GM has decided to launch newly built Chevrolet Camaro cars in China. These lightweight vehicles will be sold in Chinese market to capture Chinese customers. These Camaro vehicles are beautifully decorated with a number of attractive exterior and interior car décor items.

In China, this Chevrolet Camaro vehicle will be named after Ke Mai Luo. This beautiful lightweight vehicle will be brought back to China very soon. At a press conference, the company’s managing director has pointed out technical specifications of the car. This Chinese car will have easy to maintain 3.6 litre direct fuel injection tool along with automatic transmission and dampers. Car wheels of Chevrolet Camaro four-wheelers are fitted to axle bars in more scientific way to avoid technical disorder. Nor will there be any risk for wheel skidding as very high quality tire bands are used to insulate the edges of wheels of the car. Chevrolet Camaro edition is equipped with lockable side doors, adjustable window glasses, windscreens at front and rear sides along with well maintained door locking systems. The car is also loaded with sophisticated suspension tool box, exhaust system in well combination with carbon diffusers. V8 engine has been used inside the car to enhance the equal distribution of power from powertrain to wheelbases of the car. Retractable seats with leather accessories can provide comfort to car passengers.

This Chinese car model is basically less weighty and long lasting. Inside the compartment of the car, there will be properly fitted odometer, tire pressure measurement tools along with street navigation systems which have upgraded this Chevrolet Camaro vehicle to a great extent. GM management team has claimed that this car will be more spacious and eco-friendly. The car will have good speed.

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