The 2011 CLP BMW MR 600 GT

2011 CLP BMW MR 600 GT 1 The 2011 CLP BMW MR 600 GT

2011 CLP BMW MR 600 GT 2 The 2011 CLP BMW MR 600 GT

2011 CLP BMW MR 600 GT 4 The 2011 CLP BMW MR 600 GT

In a press release, it has been declared that auto tuner CLP Group has taken initiative to launch newly upgraded car tuning package. CLP automotive will launch MR 600 GT which reflects BMW Z4 and M3 car models. BMW-6 series will be modified by adding new features to increase overall beauty, competency and structural aesthetics of the car.

New CLP car features include fluro green technology which ensure pollution free car trip with carbon diffusing tool inside the car. The car design is quite strange as the doors can be whirled back for accessibility to the car compartment. The car looks attractive as it is painted in mind blowing colours like green. The car tuning package covers a M3 shaped bumpers in front portion. The car has been further designed with beautifully decorated side skirts, fenders and struts for checking wheel friction on the roads. This car tuning package also offers very attractive and compact spoiler for ensuring better airflow inside the car compartment. The air outlets are well adjusted to the car. Well adjusted car wheelbases with stainless steel made rings deserve appreciation.

The front and rear wheelbases are 9 .5 x 22 inch and 11.5 x 22 inch in succession. Tire bands are available in the diameters of 255/30-22 and 285/25-22 respectively. The suspension dampers are also available in this car to prevent abnormal friction. The car has excellent start-up system with easy to care accelerator, suspension tool, gear box and brakes to check speed and enhance smooth car driving. CLP muffler is really workable in right combination with tailpipe which is made of high quality stainless steel.

The car has aerodynamic design with gorgeous grille and side skirts for adding extra dimension to the car model. This affordable car tuning package is really user-friendly to car users. In a meeting, experts have pointed out that in spite of close familiarity with BMW 6 series, in terms of technical up gradation and overall structural lustre, this new car package or kit is more appealing to people who like innovative car design with easy to operate car accessories.

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