The 2011 Honda Fit Shuttle Will Be Introduced in Japan Soon

2011 Honda Fit Shuttle1 The 2011 Honda Fit Shuttle Will Be Introduced in Japan Soon

The 2011 Honda Fit Shuttle car will be launched in Japanese domestic market soon. However, it was slated that this new concept car will be premiered in the beginning of March this year. Due to sudden blitz krieg and earthquake followed by Tsunami in Japan, Honda opted for the cancellation of premiere show.

However, natural calamities is over and now Honda management team is preparing fast for releasing this new car model in Japanese market so that people will be glad to drive absolute eco-friendly cars. There are a number of added tools which have been selected to tune the Honda Fit Shuttle. Honda Fit Shuttle cars have been manufactured using the latest hybrid technology which ensures pollution free car trip with very negligible risk of releasing poisonous gas and fume in the air. Honda Fit Shuttle can be fed diesel, gasoline and electricity. New technology has upgraded the technical quality of these vehicles

One can drive the car on EV mode in the case of shortage of gasoline products. This car is also built on a solid platform which is made of durable aluminium and other long lasting metal sheets. Interior design of the car is superb and eye-adjustable. Car seats are decorated with recliners. Leather upholsters are well fitted to car seats. Inter-locking systems of the car seats can come handy to heighten and lower the height of car seats as per requirement. There are other technical specifications which include suspension dampers, dampers, struts, fenders, exhaust pipe, and properly adjusted lighting fixture. The car is very swift in running via streets and high ways. The aerodynamic exterior capsule of the car is really attractive. The car compartment is also decorated with an odometer, street navigation accessory, and an ergonomic steering wheel. Carbon emission controlling device is also available inside the car cabin. Easy to care dashboard, console, suspension gear box, clafshaft and drivetrain have been installed in order. 1.5 litre V4 gasoline fed powertrain is capable of generating maximum torque. 10KW battery powered powerplant provides effective backup for activating the car.

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